This crazy cat loves to have her belly rubbed. She is so spoiled it’s crazy. Damn cats.

Road is closed.

People behind me are using a boat to get out as you can see. There is my house. The water is just starting to come in my basement.


So those fun days when you wake up and go get the mail and find a fun little package with your name your name on it. Then you open it up and there is a pretty little gift card in it from fucking LA SENZA!!! It’s from BETH!!

She is the most wonderful person in the whole world. I met her on tumblr about 1.5 years ago and we became instant friends. She is such an amazing support. We FaceTime and chat all the time.

I love you Beth!!

“With the right music, you either forget everything or you remember everything.”
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So things have been a little crazy for me. We got back from out trip than went right into flood mode.

As you can see my house is not far from the water. I should have water in my basement by morning. It’s comes up through the floor. In 2008 I had 6 feet in my basement. I moved my electrical panel and hot water tank up stairs. Now all I really keep down there is Christmas decorations. I just made room for all of them in the closets. I’m no moving them again. My basement is now empty.

Water is fucking evil. That’s all I will say. I can’t get insurance for it. The last flood cost me about 20 000. When we bought the house they didn’t tell it flooded and they knew. They lied.

Well must go check the progress..cheers.

Home!! What an amazing trip!! Had so many laughs. It’s always nice to go but I do love coming home as well. Maddy had a great time she won’t be home for a few hours yet. I will likely have to go pick her up around 2:30am. She is going to be a mess. I am ready to be with her for a while.

The girl is off to cheer for another day. We are heading home!! It has been an amazing trip the cheer group will be home around 2 am.

Supper tonight was amazing. We have had so much fun.